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Ayutthaya Port & ICD

Established in 2007 , Ayutthaya Port and ICD is a wholly owned subsidiary of C.P. Trading Group Co. Ltd., an international trading unit of Charoen Pokphand (C.P.) Group of Companies, the largest agribusiness conglomerate in Asia. In 2010, C.P. Group reported USD 30 Billion in sales.


C.P. Trading Group have been active in logistics business through its two subsidiaries, Dynamic Intertransport  and Dynamic transport for over 20 years. The former is licensed MTO and NVOCC as well as a member of FIATA and Thai International Freight
Forwarders Association while the letter is an ISO 9000 certified haulier with over 777 trucks.

Ayutthaya Port & ICD

The international standard river container port in Ayutthaya

APICD  is strategically situated within the province of Ayutthaya, along the Park River which connects to Chaopraya River, the principle artery of Thailand. APICD is the first international standard river port equipped with gantry cranes, reach stackers and other container-handing equipments in the area while other jetties on Pasak river mainly handle bulk shipments, Working in close collaboration with coastal seaports our deport at repair sevice, release empties and accent
APICD is able to provide container maintenance and repair service, release empties and accept laden containers for shipping lines.
We are within 45 minutes reach og the country’s major industrial estates such as Rojana, Hitech, Bangpa In, Saharattana, and Nong Kae, housing hundreds of importers of exporters, involved in a wide range of both agricultural and industrial products.
QUICKER : container positioning at any industrial estate in Ayutthaya within one hour.
SAFER : Containers can now be moved by schedudled barge service between Ayutthaya, Sahathai Coastal Seaport, Bangkok and Laem Chabang Port; the safest means of container transport.
BETTER : Cost-saving one stop services for Shipping lines, logistics service providers and direct customers.
HAPPIER : APICD is providing 24/7 service to maximize customer’s satisfaction, thus our clients have more flexibility in pulling and returning containers at our site as well as in using our integrated services.

Ayutthaya Port & ICD :


Of cargo from Central Northern Thailand to connect with international seaports
Given the centrality of the Ayutthaya province itself, APICD is a gateway of containers transiting between different part of Northern and Central Thailand and Laem Chabang Port.
Reaching the port and icd is easily accessible by Asia Highway and local roads. Importers and exporters in Northern and Central Thailand can now enjoy our stuffing service without having to truck the containers long way on the road to the north. Our self propelled barges carry containers using inland waterway from Ayutthaya to connect with international feeders in Bangkok river port and Leam Chabang internation seaport.

An alternative ICD to Lat Krabang
Avoid road congestions in Bangkok Increase truck turn-around time

Currently, exporters located in Ayutthaya, Central and northern Thailand have to pick up containers form deports in Bangkok, the majority of which are from Lat Krabang. Bangkok is notorious for its traffic congestion. The Bangkok is Metropolitan Office do not allow large truck to move in rush hour, decreasing  truck turn-around time and causing delay of shipment.
Ayutthaya Port & ICD eliminates the problem by providing an integrated shorter haulage and scheduled self propelled barges service moving containers between factories and international seaport to avoid congestion in Bangkok. Each barge can carry 40-70 containers.
In 2006, Lat Karbang ICD containers throughput has reached 1.7 million teus resulting in severe congestions. Each truck have to wait for hours to pickup or retune a container at the site. Although its
throughput decreased slightly to 1.5 million teus in 2009, based on the thailand’s current growing throughput rate, it is believed Lat Krabang ICD will be full again soon. APICD serves as an alternative ICD ; our customers and logistics service providers can avoid congestion, road limitation and optimize truck turn-around time to boost their productivity through our integrated services.

Facilities & Equipments

- 1 Million square meters total area.
- Longest river quay length (276 m.) in Thailand; accommodates 5 barges
- ICD area measures 97,600 square meters.
- Rail mounted gantry cranes, able to lift approximately 35 TEUs per hour
- Four 40 ton capacity gantry cranes
- Seven warehouses : Two 10,000 sqm (70m x 140m)
- Able to handle 400,000 TEUs pre year.

Professional Services

- River containers port & barge service
- Container transport by barges between Ayutthaya
– Bangkok to connect with international feeders at coastal seaport
- Container transport by barges between Ayutthaya
– Laem Chabang to connect with international feeders and mother vessels
- Container Deport with effective M&R service by IICL certified professional
- On-demand inland haulage; over 700 trucks at disposal
- Bonded warehouse and heneral warehouse
- Customer clearance
- International freight forwarding and door delivery service
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 What we believe most is The  intention to help Thai farmers to have better lives, have stable and good future. This is the challenging mission which we must achieve eventually as the phrase of Rice is life.

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